December 3, 2018

Rate Sheet - Deposits

High Yield Checking (MMDA)A B

Freedom Money Markey (MMDA) A B F


Savings AccountA B

Health Savings Account (HSA)  A B

Liberty Checking Account (NOW) A B

Business Plus Checking A B

Certificate of Deposits B C D E

Jumbo Certificate of Deposits B C D E G

A) The Interest Rate and Annual Percentage Yield may change after opening.

B) Daily balance method used to obtain Annual Percentage Yield. Amount of principal in the account each day.

C) A penalty may be imposed for Early Withdrawal.

D) CD's automatically renew at maturity with a 10 calendar day grace period.

E) All Certificates of Deposits include the Step Up option.

F) Other resitrictions may apply.

G) Rates applies to daily balances of $100k or more.

Fees could reduce the earnings on the account.

For current rate information please contact us at any of our locations.